Marine Defense

Marine Defence

We give shipowners and operators the confidence that, if a dispute arises, they will have support for legal and related costs as well as in managing any litigation that arises. 

In the event of a dispute, whether it arises under the Charter Party, or independently in relation to the cargo carried on your chartered vessel, you will probably need legal advice and support, as well as help with any costs and expenses. That is the reason our Marine Defense Insurance (also known as Freight, Demurrage and Defense Insurance. Or FD&D) is specially designed.

Our unrivalled insurance provides our Members with cover for:

■ The costs associated with bringing and defending proceedings in any jurisdiction or forum, including cost liabilities;
 The provision of security for costs and other jurisdictions;
 Investigative and other related costs including those of surveyors and experts as well as arbitrators' and court fees.

Marine Defense Insurance offers a limit of up to USD 3 Million for reasonable legal costs and expenses that arise from disputes in the following areas:

 Contractual disputes under time and voyage charters, including hire and re-delivery disputes, 

 cancellation/fixture disputes, non-payment of freight and demurrage and laytime disputes
 Claims arising out of counterparty defaults
 The loss of, damage to, or detention of the insured vessel
 Disputes over the safety of ports or berths
 Disputes with agents and brokers, Disputes which Members may have with other underwriters

We have an experience and expertise in dealing with the issues faced by our Members. Our team of legally qualified claims executives provides wide ranging advice and assistance to Members.