Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Our Loss Prevention service supports Members and their brokers in operational and technical matters, assisting members in minimizing their exposure to claims. The Loss Prevention Service offered by the association including:

Training Service: 

To better meet member’s needs, the Association is pleased to arrange training programs for member(at their own cost) regarding claims handling process, critical points in dealing with certain types of cases and how to avoid or to minimize the occurrence of certain types of incidents. 

The Association also organizes training program for Members on important issues such as carriage of nickel ore, oil pollution prevention and compensation. 


The Association organizes seminars for members at members request. Experts from maritime courts, maritime safety administrations, universities and law firms will be invited to give lectures on prevailing issues or topics of common concern. The seminars provide opportunities for members to exchange opinions and raise loss prevention awareness.

 Advisory Service:

The Association may publishes loss prevention circulars and articles from time to time. Topics range from navigational safety, technical and legal issues, as well as international politics. These articles provide up-to-date advices to members and enhance the prospective and specialty of the loss prevention work.