Claim Handling

Claim Handling Procedure

If you have had a claim already or you believe the situation may develop and give rise to a claim detrimental to the owners or charterers, please contact:

In case a claim is happen, please follow teh below prodecure:

Step One: Invistigation of loss and damage 

a) Immediately arrange for measures to avoid possible deterioration of damages and situation. Hereby, as always, safety first for the crew and the vessel! But second should be your concern as to limit your potential liability. 

b) Hold other persons and/or companies (e.g. stevedores/charterers/tugs/pilots etc.), which might have caused the damage(s), responsible by written notice.

Step Two:  Report the accident to

a) Your Shipowner/Charterer

b) AAAA ( Your P&I underwriter) 

Please take care:  limit any report to facts, not personal opinions! 

DO NOT give an opinion, especially in the accident report, as to who or what was responsible 

DO NOT allow crew members to express opinions towards third parties outside the vessel 

DO NOT admit already any liability, either verbally or in writing 

DO NOT sign a document which you know contains incorrect information 

DO NOT think the problem will go away if you do nothing!

Step Three: Make vessel and crew silent:

Make sure that neither you nor members of the crew give any information regarding the incident and damages or potential cause of the same to unknown or conflicting third parties. Do not allow anyone to come on board, in particular lawyers and surveyors, unless you have made sure that these persons are acting on behalf of your / in your shipowner´s interest. Do not provide statements to third parties, but prepare statements and reports yourselves which should be kept locked and forwarded to AMT as P&I Underwriter as soon as possible. If a major claim / loss is to be expected, and provided that AAAA are not reachable, you can also directly liaise with the local AAAACorrespondents (which you find in the "List of Correspondents"). 

Do not issue any statement as regards the possible cause of any incident, even if under "pressure" of port authorities. Restrict information to personal data of master, officers and crew, until AMT has appointed lawyers or a local correspondent to assist you.

Step Four: Keep evidences

- Take photographs of any damage or circumstances relating to the incident and all affected cargoes, if possible, damaged parts of vessels structure etc. which might strengthen your owners or the ship’s position 

- Collect objects/ parts and statements, if possible, in order to have evidences safeguarded - All relevant documentation (e.g. Bill of Lading, Charter Party, Cargo Manifests, Mate´s Receipts, Instructions of Charterers or other parties interested in the cargo) concerning damages to cargo, ship or other third party property or persons should be conveyed to AMT in copy. Originals to be taken into secure charge!

 If any problems or doubts arise in connection with the handling of a particular case, please approach the stipulated parties (see above step two) before taking any action of which you are not sure to be appropriate.